The Ultimate Guide to Creating An Influencer Media Kit

Some types of influencers can get lots of exposure and attention. They might have a huge following on social media, a popular blog, or a business that brings with them PR (Public Relations) opportunities. You might feel like you won't be able to compete with this type of influencer. But you can create an influencer media kit that can show an influencer how much you know about their industry and audience which in turn will increase the likelihood of them agreeing to an interview or content creation partnership. Here's why you need to create an influencer media kit and what you need to include in it.

If you already have an influencer media kit then you are already one step ahead of most people. They are more difficult to create than people think as they should include a lot of information. In today's article, I'll share tips on how to create an effective influencer media kit. This will be useful if you want to grow your online marketing strategy quickly and effectively.

What is an influencer media kit?

An influencer's media kit is a package that contains information about the influencer, including their social media handles, brief bios, and links to their social profiles. 

It is a collection of information about an influencer that can be shared with brands. It is usually sent to brands as part of the application process for sponsored posts, but it's also a useful tool for managing relationships with your fans since it includes info about your audience demographics and interests.

This kit helps brands and agencies find the right influencers for their campaigns, just as much as it helps influencers understand what kind of brand they should work with.

Reasons why you need an influencer media kit

Shows that you are a professional

If you want to be taken seriously as an influencer, you need to look like a professional. Your media kit is the first thing that potential employers, brands, and audiences will see when they're considering working with you. 

It helps to establish credibility with potential clients. You want your clients to be able to trust your expertise and having a media kit is one way to show them that you know what you’re doing. 

It provides a convenient way for others to learn more about you and your work without having to ask questions or do additional research. People who are interested in working with you will have all the information they need right at their fingertips!

Helps you land opportunities

You might be thinking, "Why would I need a media kit? I already have a bunch of followers and people who want to work with me." Well, that's great, but the fact is that not every follower is going to turn into a paying customer. So you need something that will help you get the attention of potential clients who aren't already on your radar. 

A media kit is not only an opportunity-landing tool—it's also a way to keep track of all the people who have reached out to you in the past and what they're looking for. That way, if someone comes back to you with a project idea or opportunity, you've got all the info about their needs right there at your fingertips!

Helps you move the conversation forward

If you've ever tried to engage in a conversation with someone, only to have them completely ignore your point of view, you know how frustrating it can be. We believe that the influencer media kit helps you get your point across in a way that makes it impossible for people not to listen. 

The influencer media kit is the perfect tool for people who are trying to get their message out there but are having trouble being heard by others. It allows us to share our message with others in a way that's engaging and informative—and most importantly, memorable!

Helps with your pitch to brands

A media kit is a crucial tool for an influencer to have when they are pitching brands. A media kit helps you make the case that you're the right person to work with a brand on their campaign, and it also gives you the opportunity to show off your existing work and demonstrate your value as an influencer.

Tells your story

It's all about you. Your background, your interests, your passions—if you're going to go through the work of getting an influencer media kit together, it makes sense to make sure it reflects who you are as a person. If you have a unique story or message that hasn't been told before, this is the place to share it! 

It shows off your personality. We all know that people buy from people they like. So let 'em see the real you! Your influencer media kit is a chance to show readers exactly what makes you tick—what's important is to make sure they can connect with you on an emotional level before they even start thinking about what services you offer. 

It's all about them. Your audience is made up of humans who are busy and distracted by shiny things every day. They need something that will grab their attention and keep it long enough for them to learn more about you.

What to include in your influencer media kit?

Short bio

If you're an influencer, it's always a good idea to include a short bio in your media kit. A short bio should be written in the third person and should include information about the type of products or services that you promote, how long you've been doing so, and any other relevant background information.

You can also include any relevant social media handles, your website, and any other information that will help the influencer marketer make an informed decision about working with you.

Social Media accounts

The most basic element of a media kit is your social media accounts. If you have no social media presence, you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone that you're worth talking about. Make sure that your accounts are at least setup and ready to go, if not already "active".

You can include up to three of your most relevant social media accounts in your influencer media kit. You should make sure that the accounts are relevant to your brand and industry, and that they belong to you.

Social Media Statistics

Social media stats are a great way to show that you're an active, engaged influencer with a strong following. Include the following stats: 

-Number of followers/following on each platform 

-Average monthly impressions/engagement per post (average number of times your content has been seen or liked) 

-Average monthly engagement rate (the percentage of people who have interacted with your posts in some capacity)

Your rates

It's important to be as transparent as possible when you're working with an influencer. That's why it's a good idea to include your rates in your media kit so that the influencer knows what they're getting into. 

If you've worked with other people and charged them $50 for a blog post, that doesn't mean you should charge the same to everyone. Your rates will depend on how much time it takes you to do the job, how much experience you have, and how much effort it takes to come up with ideas for each project.

Contact info

Your contact information will be the in your media kit. Include your name, email address, phone number, and social media accounts. 

If you have a team, add their names, and contact information as well. It's always good to have someone in charge of responding to inquiries and always keeping track of your contacts.

Sample posts and blogs

These are the samples you want to include in your media kit. You can include links to them, or you can include copies of the post or blog, depending on how much room you have in your kit. For example, if you're using a binder, it's probably better to include copies of the posts and blogs in your kit. If you're sending everything as an email attachment, it might be easier to just link to them. 

It's also helpful to include a brief description of each piece, including where it ran, when it was published, and any other relevant info about that post or blog.


These are a few of the steps I take when creating my influencer media kit. Each step has a purpose and is intended to be beneficial. Remember, this is simply one way to approach your media kit. Feel free to make it your own, or better yet, a combination of different things. I hope you all find this helpful as you continue down the path of creating your own media kits.

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